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Returning Client
Returning Client
Registering as a Returning Client who has made appointments online with this business in the past

The registration process on a business's scheduler on TimeTap goes by email address. Thus, if you have made appointments on a business's scheduler in the past and inputted your email address, then you are technically already registered for an account, but just haven't set up a password with them.

You may want to register officially (and get a password) so that you can login and view your appointment history as well as book appointments without having to re-enter your information every single time.

If you didn't know this and went to register on the scheduler, then after clicking the "Register" link and entering your email address, you would receive a message that:

"You've made an appointment in the past through this scheduler and thus already have an account.
We've sent you an email to create a password which will allow you to login to this scheduler.
If you don't receive this email in the next few minutes, please contact"

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This is the same thing as being pre-registered by the business for making appointments. 

At this point you will receive an email with a link to create a password to login and view your appointment history:

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Click on that link to reset your password and then go back to the business's scheduler to login:

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Enter in your email and the password you just set and press "Login":

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You'll now see the menu options to make a new appointment, view your existing appointments, or logout:

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