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  • The “Sync only class” setting for an individual class session can now be updated on the Individual Session Schedule page of the class profile after the session is initially created (Settings > Service & Classes > View - beside class list > Schedule

  • Changing the “Sync only class” setting of an existing individual class session will now update that session’s syncing behavior on the external calendar

    • Sync only class → selected: Only the default overall class session event is synced to your external calendar, which displays the name of that class, the currently scheduled capacity count, and the max capacity for that session. No individual attendee’s appointments are synced to the external calendar when this setting is selected. 

    • Sync only class → unselected: The same default overall class session event from above is synced to your external staff calendar, as well as and each individual attendee’s appointment will also sync as additional event beside that overall session on your external calendar.

  • Various internal performance improvements