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Each location that you add to your account has its own profile with details around its address, contact information, directions, appointments assigned to it, and its availability. When you click into a location profile from Settings → Locations, you'll see six tabs: Overview, Location Availability, Class Recurring Schedule, Class Individual Schedule, Open Appointments, and Other Appointments.

Each one of the tabs available will show you quite a bit of useful information: 

  • Overview: Location name, contact information, direction details, vanity URL 
    , and ability to add a profile picture for this location
  • Location Availability: The availability of the staff member offering services at this location 
  • Class Recurring Schedule: This tab will show all existing repeating class schedules taking place at this location
  • Class Individual Schedule: Here you get to see all individual class sessions taking place at this location
  • Open Appointments: All open appointments booked at this location
  • Other Appointments: All appointments booked at this location with the status set to No Show, Cancelled, or Complete

In this documentation, we'll cover everything found under the Overview tab including:

We cover how to use and customize your staff's availability at a location under a separate documentation page that goes in depth about adding, changing, and removing your availability. 



Components of Location Profile
Components of Location Profile
The Components of your Location Profile

Nothing matters about your location profile if you can't find it. So to start off this part of the discussion, I want to go ahead and point out where you'll find any of your Location's profiles.

You can access a location's profile by going to Settings → Locations and clicking the "View Details" button to the right of the location:


Clicking the View Details page will open up the Location's profile and you will immediately be taken to the Overview tab:

Once in the Overview tab you'll see your location name, location type, phone number, location email address, physical address address, directions to this location, timezone, private URL, embed code, and even have the change to upload a picture for this location. 

As mentioned on every other documentation page in the Settings menu, there is a quick link to your mini website to test out any changes you make by clicking the blue "Preview Scheduler" button in the top right. This way after tweaking your location details or customizing your location availability, you can quickly click through your scheduler to make sure that everything looks alright.



Edit Location Profile
Edit Location Profile
How to Edit your Location Profile

If you open up your location profile by going to Settings → Locations and clicking the "View Details" button to the right of your Location's name, you'll enter into your Location's Profile. On your Location's Profile, you'll see all the different details about your location that you can edit in the "Overview" box on the left hand side of the "Overview" tab:

 To edit any of these items, click the "Edit Details" button in the top right of the section:


Once you you've clicked Edit you will be able to change the following: 

  • Name: This displays to clients as the name of where the appointment will be held. It can be included in your email templates or on your appointment saved message using the tag %LOCATION_NAME%
  • Type: An office location indicates that it is a physical location that you'll be meeting at whereas a virtual location represents any appointments that are held virtually (like over the phone, on Skype, Google Hangouts, etc.)
  • Phone: This phone number can be added to your email templates or to your appointment saved message using the tag %LOCATION_OFFICEPHONE%
  • Email Address: This email address can be cc'd on your email templates by using the tag %LOCATION_EMAIL%
  • Address (for office location type) or Description (for virtual location type): these will display to your clients underneath your location name on your scheduling flow. It can be included in your email templates with the tags %LOCATION_ADDRESS% or %LOCATION_DESCRIPTION% (these tags are interchangeable so if you use %LOCATION_ADDRESS% it will pull up whatever was entered in either the location address or description field for the location
  • Directions: If you choose to include Directions on your location profile, these directions will show up in the New Appointment Emails as well as the Appointment Edited/Rescheduled Email that clients receive. They show up underneath the location address toward the bottom of the email message. You can also embed them on the Appointment Saved Success Message using the tag %LOCATION_DIRECTIONS%
  • Timezone: If this location is in a different time zone than your business is set to in your account settings, you can indicate that here and staff availability & appointment times will take the location's time zone into account when scheduling
  • Profile Picture: You can upload a profile picture for this location, which will be visible as your clients are going through your scheduler and select a location
  • Create Vanity URL
    Business account holders can create vanity urls to substitute your private URLs for Locations, Staff, Services, Classes, Service Groups, and Location Groups. This makes it so you have a friendly link to send your clients instead of the alphanumeric combination that makes up the private URL

The following are not editable but appear in the Overview tab:


Once you are done making changes, press the "Save" button at the bottom of the screen.



Using your location's private URL and/or Embed Code

Your services, your staff, and (as mentioned here) your locations all have something called a Private URL and Embed Code on their profiles. What are private URLs and Embed codes for these specific profiles? Well your main scheduler on your mini website lists all of your staff, services, and locations that a client could possibly book. At a service, staff, or location's private URL, a client would only see that service to book, that staff to book with, or that location to book at (depending on whose private URL they're visiting).

So, on the Settings > Locations view below, you'll see that I have four locations set up. People could visit my main scheduling page and book with me at a physical office location (Downtown Office or Mint St. Location) or they could book with me for a Skype Call or Conference Line and we would connect over the virtual environment:


If I know, however, that someone would not be coming to visit me at one of my physical locations and would only be booking with me at the Skype Call location, I could send them the private URL for the Skype Call location. To do this, I would just click into the Skype Call's profile view and copy the Private URL link that is listed in the Location Details section:


I could also embed this private scheduler onto my own website by using the location's Embed Code. The process for embedding the private scheduler for the location is the same as embedding the main scheduler. Just the code you would use would be slightly different to accommodate for the fact that it is a private scheduler for just that location.

We have also written extensively about creating a Vanity URL 

which you can share with your clients. 



Location Appointment Tables
Location Appointment Tables
Open and Other Appointments tabs

Now we will discuss the Open Appointments and Other Appointments tabs, here you will be able to see upcoming and past appointments for a specific location:

First, let's take a look at the Open Appointments tab, open up your location profile by going to Settings > Locations and clicking the "View Details" button to the right of your Location's name, you'll enter into your Location's Profile and select the Open Appointments tab: 


Once in the Open Appointments tab you will be able to see all appointments with Open status taking place at this location. You can view appointment details by clicking View next to any appointment in open status. From this screen you can also send an email (bulk template email templateInvitation Templates) to any client with an open appointment at this location. To send an email to your client select an appointment by checkin the box to the left of the client name and click Send Email:


This will open a new window, where you can select one of your marketing templates, once you've chosen the appropriate template click Select Template:

Image Added

In the next window you can make changes to the email you are about to send to your client or simply or if you're satisfied with the way it looks click Send Email:

Image RemovedImage Added


Finally, while still in the Open Appointments tab you can export a list of all Open Appointments by clicking Export List:


This will open a new window where you are able to add the information you would like to see in the list. Once you have the information you want, click export list and a .xls document will begin downloading to your computer:


To see past appointments with set to Complete, Cancelled, or No Show go to the Other Appointments tab:


The Other Appointments tab shows you all Cancelled, No Show, an Completed. From this tab you are able to View appointment details (1)send an email to the client (2), and Export the appointments in .xls forma(3)