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There is only one Account Owner per account and this is the staff member or business owner who originally created the TimeTap account. The Account Owner has access to every part of the account, including billing information and plan changes. If you need to transfer account ownership to another user follow the steps below. Appointments or class session scheduled with the account owner will not be affected after the ownership is transferred. 

Begin by going to Settings → Staff:

Click View next to the staff who you want to transfer ownership to:

While in the staff's profile, click the "Make (User) the account  account owner" link next to their assigned security role:

You will then see the following message: 

"As the current account owner, you are the only user who has permission to transfer account ownership to another staff. There can only be 1 account owner per account. An account owner has access to all features and functionality of the TimeTap account including permission to edit/update billing and cancel the account. After transferring ownership from yourself to Tiffany Norman, your security role will be set to that of an Administrator. Please confirm this is what you'd like to do.". If you agree to the terms click the "Confirm and Transfer Ownership" button: 

After the button is pressed the user will be assigned the role of Account Owner and you will be assigned the role of Administrator: