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These release notes cover 4.2.0 - 4.2.12

Features & Improvements:

- Ability added to increase font size of Appointment text in Calendar view.
- Inactive Staff view added to Staff page.

Bugs Fixed:

- Location Group field no longer appearing if no Location Groups are being utilized on the account.
- Quick Add Window now displaying proper Service and Time options in dropdown.
- Deactivating a staff member now properly re-loads the page and deactivates the staff all the way through.
- Staff list filters now display appropriately.
- Now able to deactivate a staff member regardless of if you are keeping or cancelling upcoming scheduled appointments.
- Correct time now displaying in calendar view when appointment is made via Quick Add pop up.
- Tags now populating properly within Invitation Templates.
- Changes made to Appointments > Settings now properly sticking.
- Date Picker in Calendar view now selecting correctly.
- Confirmed Appointments now accurately displaying on the Calendar view when the corresponding status is selected.
- Confirmed Appointments now reflecting in the Availability view.
- Empty Sub-statuses no longer loading on the list of status views.