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These release notes cover 4.3.0 - 4.3.2

Features & Improvements:

- Email Merge Tag for External Name on Durations added for Multi-Duration Services.
- Loading speed of Appointment Detail Page optimized.
- Check put into place so that no empty rows of sub-statuses are able to be saved.

Bugs Fixed:

- Class and Course session count now updating properly when switching calendar views.
- Now able to accurately view billing information via Back Office.
- Now appointments are accurately showing in calendar view if all locations are selected via filter.
- Now able to save custom sub-statuses.
- Location field now populating options when adding a new class session via Quick Add window.
- Proper status now reflecting when appointment is accepted or declined via Back Office.
- Duration now saving with correct title when creating appointment.
- Custom Booking Site no longer showing multiple Location Groups in Panel Flow.
- Filters within the Appointment View now properly showing selections.
- When Location Groups are assigned to a Custom Booking Site, only corresponding locations now appear.
- Now able to properly edit a Staff Profile.
- Correct Status now applying to Appointments pending staff approval.
- Reason-specific custom field now correctly passing information when tag is utilized via Appointment Template.