Uploading & Updating Candidates

When you upload a spreadsheet of candidates, TimeTap will take care of three things:

  1. We will check against all existing candidates on the account and make sure that none of those candidates have the same email address. This way no duplicate candidates get added with the same email address.
  2. If the candidate does exist (meaning we found another candidate with the same email address) we will check and see if any new information has been added in the new spreadsheet that has been uploaded. If there is a new phone number or a new requisition number for the candidate, for instance, we will attach that new information to the existing candidate as mapped by the email address
  3. Once those checks have been run, you can confirm the import and we will add all the candidates at once to your account so you can begin sending them emails or adding appointments for them

Table of Contents

How to Upload a Candidate List

Additional Information you can include on upload

Re-uploading a candidate list