One Time Appointments

Once you've navigated to the Add New Appointment screen through either the Add New Appointment button or by clicking on the Calendar for the date and time you'd like to have the appointment, you are ready to actually set up the appointment itself.

In this documentation, we will cover how to set up a One Time Appointment as a staff person. You're also able to add appointments that happen on a repeating or recurring basis, but we are only covering adding one time appointments on this page. Clients are also able to add one time appointments for themselves using the scheduler that's on your mini website or that you embed on your own website. 

Setting up a One Time Appointment:

In setting up a One Time Appointment, you'll first want to fill in all the required fields. If you only have 1 staff and 1 location, the staff and location fields will be pre-populated for you, but you can edit and change all the other fields. First, select the service that you are going to be making the appointment for. I recommend selecting the reason first so that all the recommended dates and time slots (that are based on the availability you have added) show up with the proper start and end times:

Once you've selected the service, you can enter in which client this appointment is going to be with. If the client alright exists in your account then you can type in the first few letters of his/her name or email and find them on the client search, if this is a new client click the link Add New Client:

If you've chosen the option to add a new client a new window will appear where you can enter the necessary information, after the information has been entered click Save New Client:

The name of the new client will populate in the client field, you can now look at the calendar drop down to see what dates you have available on your calendar with enough room in your schedule to add an appointment for this service, based on the duration the service is set for: 

Select a date from the calendar. You'll see in the "Open Upcoming Appointments" panel on the right hand side any other appointments you have scheduled for that day. You can then either choose a time for the appointment based on the list of available times or you can press "Override Times" to enter in a custom time:

Now that you've got the time/date and client attached to the appointment in the Add New Appointment screen, you are ready to save the One Time Appointment. You have the option of adding in some comments (which are for internal/business use only) and selecting the hours before the appointment you'd like to send the reminders out.

After customizing those last few things, go ahead and press "Save Appointment":

You'll be asked whether you want to send an email to the client and/or to your self about the new appointment. You'll also have room to enter in a new appointment note/message which will be plugged into the email that goes out to your client:

Based on the permissions granted to you by your account's administrator you may have the option to Edit the email before sending it to your client, if this is something you want to do check the box next to "Edit email before sending" and click Save Appointment:

A new window will appear with the email you're about to send to your client, here you can make the necessary changes and click Send Email: 

After you click Send Email click Send Email and the screen will update and show that your appointment is now listed as being in Open status:

You can navigate away from your appointment at this time as it is successfully saved and added to your schedule. You can navigate to it again at any time by either using your calendar or your appointment lists.