Adding Time Off for a day or less

If there is ever a period of a day where you're not going to be able to take appointments (maybe you have your own doctor's appointment or you have to go to your daughter's soccer game or you just need 15 minutes of no appointments to meditate), you can use the Time Off feature to block part of your day off so no appointments can be set during that time. This may be faster than, say, going through and modifying your staff availability for the day.

In order to add Time Off for less than a day, go to Appointments and click on the purple "Add Time Off" button:


In the Add Time Off screen, first enter the date that your time off is going to be set for:


You'll see as soon as you select the date that the Open Upcoming Appointments list updates with any appointments you already have set for that day so you can make sure you aren't adding time off when you have clients coming in for appointments:


You'll then want to customize the start time and end time for your time off:


If you are taking off for the full day, you can go ahead and select the "All Day" checkbox. This will make the start and end time fields disappear as they will be filled in automatically with 12:00am to Midnightof the date you've selected:


Regardless of whether you are entering in a Time Off for the whole day or if it is just for a few hours of the day, you'll need to enter in a reason which is how this time off will display in your Time Off List. After entering you're reason, you are all set to press "Save Time Off" to commit the time off to your schedule and block your availability from being able to accept appointments:


At this point, your screen will enter into view only mode and you'll see the Edit button appear at the top which you can use if you ever want to make changes to your single day time off


If you press "Close" from here, you will return to the Time Off list where you'll see the Time Off entry you just put in:


Finally, if you check out how your scheduling looks on the client facing scheduler, you'll see that no appointment times will display for the hours on the date that you just entered: