Adding Time Off for more than a day

I'm sure we have all, at some point, felt the urge to fill up our calendar with nothing but vacation time. While our software doesn't exactly encourage you to do this (everybody's gotta work, right?), TimeTap does make it easy to add in vacation time using the Multiple Days checkbox in adding a new Time Off.

To do this, navigate to Appointments and click the purple "Add Time Off" button:


In the Add Time Off screen, check the checkbox next to "Multiple Days":


After checking the Multiple Days checkbox, you will see the start and end times go away and an end date field appear:


Enter in the start and end date for your multiple day time off:


Once you've entered in a start and end date, the upcoming appointments table will update to show you if you have any appointments currently scheduled between those dates:

Having a list of upcoming appointments will let you know if you need to make any calls to clients to cancel or reschedule appointments. 

The last step of  the process is to just enter in a brief description in the reason field for your time off. This is not displayed to clients but can only be seen on the Time Off List view for your internal reference. Once you've entered in the reason, press the "Save Time Off" button to commit the multiple day time off to your schedule and block off you availability for accepting appointments:


Once you press "Save Time Off" your screen will update to the Time Off Detail page where you will see your time off in view only mode. From here you can either edit it if you need to make adjustments or press the close button to return to the Time Off List view: