Emailing Clients from the Appointment List

Sometimes things come up, and you may need to email all of your clients who have appointments within a certain date range. You can filter these several ways, depending on the particular need this email is intended to address. As a note, this feature is available upon request only, so please contact in order to have this option turned on for your account.

From your Appointment Lists page, there are several options for narrowing down which clients will receive the email:

  1. Date Range--this is the option to limit the date range of appointments to show in the list

  2. Status--you can toggle between the different tabs of appointment lists from Pending, Open, Completed, Cancelled, No Show, or Deleted appointments to Time Off entries

  3. Locations--if you’d like to only see appointments at a certain location, you can filter which locations to show, or opt to include all

  4. Staff--when you only need to view and email a certain staff member’s clients, you would filter which staff to show the appointments of here

  5. Services and Classes--filter to view some services or classes but not others

You can also opt to show more appointments on each page than the default 10 by clicking the dropdown menu next to the number 10 to be able to view (and select) more appointments at a time.

Once you’re viewing only the appointments you need to see, click the topmost check box on the left side to select all appointments, or you can go through and individually select the ones you need to email. After selecting the appointments, click Send Email.

When you click Send Email, a box will appear with a dropdown menu giving you the options of the different templates you can choose from. Click the dropdown menu to choose the template you want, then click Send Template.

From here, you’ll have one last opportunity to make any changes necessary to the template before it goes out to the clients. Once you’re ready to send, click Send Email. You should see a note letting you know that this has been done successfully.

If you have more appointments than the ones you were viewing on the first page, you’ll now want to click the Next button at the bottom of the screen to view and select the next page and repeat this process until you have selected all of the appointments that you wish to send an email to.