Attendees for Class Session

When a client books an appointment for one of your classes, they are put on the attendees list for that class session that they scheduled for. You can think of your attendees list as a class roster where you can take attendance for who came to the session and quickly navigate to each of their appointments. 

You'll find your attendees list at the bottom of your Class Session Details screen:

You'll notice you'll also get a brief summary of how close to capacity the session is (in the example above, the capacity for the session is 15 clients; the summary tells me that 4 of those 15 seats are already filled and 11 of them are still available).

With your attendees list, you're able to:

You can also:

Click the links above to be directed to the documentation that covers that topic specifically. If you have questions about navigating or using your class attendees list, please don't hesitate to get in contact with our support team.