5.20.0 Release Notes

These release notes cover 5.20.0 and 5.20.1

Features & Improvements: 

  • Added “List Item Inactive” in Color Scheme & Styling > Scheduler List Items, this allows you to change how an item appears when the panel loads and no option is selected.

  • Added “List Item on Hover/Selected”, this allows you to change how options in panel appear when they are selected.

  • Added “Form Field Color” in Color Scheme & Styling > Form Fields, this allows you to change the color of the client fields within the Client Information panel if the cursor is not in them and there is no error on the field.

  • Updated API to filter staff based on zip code.

  • Update AOI to create staff and create reasons to allow users to pass a reasonIdList (when creating a staff) and a staffIdList (when creating a reason) to include a list of staff/reason IDs (respectively) that the reason/staff should get assigned.

  • Forms tab in client’s profile can now be viewed in mobile browsers.

  • Custom booking site elements now have “Restore to default” option.

Bugs Fixed: 

  • New Course Registration template was not sent to clients after they registered for a course set and made the required payment.

  • Creating a new service automatically assigned a 15 minute duration even if something different was selected.

  • Package was not listed in Package panel after client purchased it.

  • When “Restrict Scheduling To Same Staff” was not enabled, clients would not have the option to reschedule with a different staff.

  • If currency was set to Canadian Dollars the amount would be displayed in British Pounds when processing a refund in the backoffice.

  • Time panel in scheduler didn’t display the correct timezone if only the Services & Classes panel was shown and multiple staff had different timezones.

  • Payment redirect URL didn’t direct client to external site.

  • Clients would see an error message when expanding a package information but it had not been redeemed.

  • Added error message if clients an invalid coupon when purchasing a package.

  • Corrected package expiration information when package didn’t have an expiration date.

  • Corrected package image tooltip

  • Corrected message that displays if clients attempted to reschedule a cancelled appointment.

  • Clients would see appointment times with buffers if they logged in to scheduler to view their appointments.

  • Time panel in scheduler displayed dates on incorrect dates if client had set language in browser to Spanish - Argentina.

  • Clients were able to pay an invoice multiple because the invoice’s status didn’t update correctly.

  • The “No Appointments Error Message” wasn’t displaying correctly when scheduling a class based appointment.

  • Custom sub-statuses didn’t display in the Appointment Detail page when attempting to update the appointment’s status.