5.23.0 Release Notes

These release notes cover 5.23.0 and 5.23.1

Features & Improvements: 

  • Create automated email triggers for disclaimer forms based on form statuses.

  • Added report “Invitation Campaign Activity”, this report displays the name and information of the clients who you send an invitation to book and if they scheduled an appointment. The report can be found under Dashboard > Client Reports > Invitation Campaign Activity.

  • Added Forms column when viewing list of class attendees, this will display the status of the forms each client has in their profile.

  • Forms have creation modes: Do not auto add form, Add form to client profile whenever a new client is created, Add form to client profile based on the booking appointment for specific service & class.

  • Client can add appointment to their calendar by clicking “Add to Calendar” button in Final Confirmation panel.

  • Added column in Forms List page to identify which service and classes are assigned to a form.

  • “Hours” label in Service panel can be translated to Dutch.

  • Edit landing page where clients in waitlist can claim an available time slot.

  • Edit buttons clients press to confirm or reschedule their appointments.

  • Edit message client sees when they confirm or reschedule their appointments.

  • Improved client login flow

  • Improved contrast of Available date on calendar within Time panel to meet ADA compliance.

  • Improved contract of Selected date on calendar within Time panel to meet ADA compliance.

  • Improved selection method in scheduling flow within the scheduler to meet ADA compliance.

Bugs Fixed: 

  • Corrected styling of “Add Credit Card Pop Up” window when viewed in mobile browsers.

  • Quota for classes wasn’t getting applied.

  • Unable to remove reason in form profile.

  • Status of appointment didn’t update correctly when required payment was made in PayPal payment portal.

  • “Added to waitlist confirmation” email template wasn’t sent to clients if they were added to the waitlist in the backoffice.

  • Error message when clients attempted to claim appointment via waitlist invitation.

  • Unable to go back to previous panel if only option in Service Panel is one that allowed repeating appointments.

  • Corrected how dates are displayed in the scheduler based on the client’s locale.

  • %APPT_DATE_TIME% email tag didn’t display appointment’s date and time in correct format for Australian clients.

  • Chat wasn’t removed when users chose the option to hide it.

  • Correction to how mini-websites were indexed in search engines.

  • Mini-website wasn’t sending information to Google Analytics.

  • List of class attendees didn’t load in the Class Detail page.