6.0.0 Release Notes

These release notes cover 6.0.0

Features & Improvements: 

  • Customize Left Hand text in custom booking site profiles.

  • Automatically advance clients to payment gateway after they enter their information and click Save, this can be disabled by going to Payments > Payment Settings > Auto Advanced to Payment Gateway on Booking.

  • Course sets are automatically sorted by start date when viewed in Time panel.

  • Choose between “Next Day”, “Next 7 Days”, “Next Month”, or “All Time” when choosing to display class sessions while moving a client from one session to another.

  • Displaying client tags while tagging clients within client profiles.

  • Google Analytics ID can be entered in individual custom booking sites.

  • Service duration can now be selected when choosing criteria in Report Builder.

Bugs Fixed: 

  • Users were unable to apply coupon codes to invoices in the backoffice.

  • Corrected issue where incorrect date was assigned to waitlist registration if the client was added to the waitlist by the staff in the backoffice.

  • Error message in Time panel if client attempted to register for course where all course sets had been cancelled.

  • Clients were able to register in course set after first session in set had already taken place.

  • Client removed from waitlist appeared in individual class sessions' waitlist details.

  • Date of birth field didn’t appear in Client Information panel, if it was left blank at the time the staff added the client record and the client logged in to book an appointment.

  • Ampersand displayed as & in the calendar view and client list.

  • Editing a messaging trigger added a second message to the trigger.

  • Corrected issue where Solo Professional or Business level users were not given the option to change plans if they attempted to add additional staff.