Payment Portals

TimeTap has a number of options for payment processing providers that you can add to your account and manage appointment payments with. This section of our documentation site will go over those payment processing providers and how you can add them to your account.

There are a few important things to note with any of the payment portals that TimeTap offers:

  1. Most importantly, the payment is processed by whichever payment portal you connect to. We do not handle or store any of the credit card data. We securely pass information about an invoice to the payment processor and they handle the charge.

  2. Because of point #1 above, all receipts are sent by the payment processor as well. We can send out invoices and clients can pay for those invoices, but the receipt of the transaction would come from the payment processor.

  3. You can only have one payment portal on your account. For instance, you cannot offer payments either through LumaPay and Square. You'd need to choose one or the other.

  4. Payment can only be set to required under your General Payment Settings options when you have a payment portal set up. 

    1. If you have payment set to required (which means you have one of our payment portals set up) then when a client books an appointment, that appointment is put into a holding cell for up to 90 minutes. As soon as the client pays for the appointment, then the appointment moves out of the holding cell where it was in "Pending" status to "Open" status. 

    2. If the client does not pay within that 90 minutes, the appointment is moved from "Pending" status to "Cancelled" status and the client will get an email letting them know that their appointment was cancelled due to non-payment. It's at this point that we release our hold on that appointment time and offer it up to any other client who would like to book it.

    3. You will find any of your pending appointments under Appointments > Appointment Lists > Pending by adjusting the date range to cover the time you want to see. From there you can manually mark them as open or cancelled.

  5. Depending on which payment portal you have, you will have the option to pay for an invoice from TimeTap's back office by connecting with that payment portal using the "Charge with [PAYMENT PORTAL]" button that you'll see under the "Payments" tab at the bottom of the invoice.

Click the links below to go to our documentation page for the individual payment portals that we currently support:

Here are some links to previous payment portals that have been supported, but are no longer enabled by default: