3.2.0 Release Notes

These release notes cover 3.2.0

Features & Improvements:

  • Language under 'delete location' pop up edited to specify what is being cancelled upon that action
  • Appointment cancellation due to non-payment email no longer going out if another appointment was booked for the same reason
  • Feature added to set the color of the calendar lines when viewing appointments via back office
  • Hyperlink added to Google Maps on Address for a clients' location
  • User can now select which location information to display under the settings > locations screen

Bugs Fixed:

  • Now able to properly add a new job/requisition from a client profile regardless of the account having a job linked to it
  • Appointment confirmation email sends regardless of requisition ID not being valid
  • Travel time now accurately calculated based on original appointment's address when it is rescheduled
  • Override times now reflecting correctly when rescheduled
  • Forms now displaying correct text in form link
  • Updated currency symbol now shows when edited on add new appointment, appointment detail screens and quick add pop up
  • Travel time now calculates properly when appointments are scheduled at a clients' location back to back
  • Form submission messages now calculating accurately