6.30.0 Release Notes

These release notes cover 6.30.0

Features & Improvements: 

  • The ability to Auto Advance scheduler panels can now be set on a per custom booking site basis.

  • Parameters can now be URI encoded into scheduler links and passed on to populate client information fields when booking. 

  • Improved the loading time for calendars with a large number of concurrent classes. 

  • Various internal performance improvements.

Bugs Fixed: 

  • Editing a repeating appointment series would cause the client and staff timezones to swap in reminder emails.

  • Users were experiencing an error when trying to edit the dates for class-based repeating appointments.

  • Revoking the staff permission to edit availability still allowed the availability to be edited in the calendar view. 

  • Corrected a UI issue on the availability screen where the “Show Resources” box was unselectable and covered by other text.

  • Changes to the Payment Optional Confirmation message were not reflecting on the scheduler when booking a course. 

  • Some location groups were not loading when adding an appointment in the back office.

  • Extra spacing and formatting were being added to the text from the “Additional Directions/Instructions" in Location Profile when that tag was included in email templates.

  • Changed the Salesforce Sync process to check if there are existing objects before setting up the default contact and event.

  • Salesforce clients that can book for other clients from the TimeTap scheduler were not being shown in alphabetic order. 

  • Edits to the calendar sync details were not being saved on the staff profile.

  • The Wait List registrant list in the class detail screen was missing the status of some registrants.