How do I allow clients to confirm their appointments via text message reminder?

Appointment reminder emails give clients the option to confirm their appointments as well as cancel or reschedule. In this page we'll discuss how to add a link to your text message reminders that clients can click, open a URL in their mobile browsers confirming their appointments.

Begin by going to Messaging → Appointment Templates:

Locate the Appointment Reminder Text Message and click View:

Once in the Templates in Category screen click View in the Actions column to go to the template profile:

While in the Template Profile click the Edit button in the Template section and paste the tag %CLIENT_CONFIRM_URL% in the Body field, this tag will populate a appointment dedicated URL so that if a client clicks on it they will confirm their appointment. It may be helpful to add a few words indicating that the URL is to confirm the appointment:

When the clients receive their text message reminder they will see link that they can tap on and open a new window in their browser:

After the clients tap on the URL their appointment will automatically be confirmed and a confirmation message will appear:

You will also see this confirmation reflected in their appointment in the back office: