7.15.0 Release Notes

These release notes cover 7.15.0

Features & Improvements: 

Bugs Fixed: 

  • The “Last Downloaded” date and time for the proprietary Office 365 (with Teams) calendar sync was only reflecting the initial sync date/time and not updating when new events were downloaded

  • Accounts that had switched from using one payment processor that did allow saving user payment information (Lumapay/Stripe) to another payment processor that did not allow storing user payment information were experiencing issues when users attempted to pay due to the user’s previously saved payment information for Stripe no longer being compatible with the newly connected payment processor

  • The %APPOINTMENT_CREATED_DATE_TIME% email tag was updating with the current time, as well as not taking the business timezone into account

  • Updated missing information in the list of permissions listed being requested by our proprietary Office 365 (with Teams) calendar sync that is shown when being initiated by a user that requires admin approval

  • Patched an API vulnerability that potentially allowed the creation of appointments with client and staff IDs that were not on the same business' account