7.16.0 Release Notes

These release notes cover 7.16.0

Features & Improvements: 

  • Round robin logic can now be applied to appointments that are rescheduled through the API (PUT - Update) if no staff is assigned to the appointment 

  • A Client Information tag used in a Form will now retain the value of that info field as shown on the form at the time the form was completed, even if that value is changed after the form is completed

  • Various internal performance improvements

Bugs Fixed: 

  • Staff with a security role that didn’t allow for adding a new clients were able to add clients in the process of creating a new appointment

  • Deselecting the “Show Left hand Text” setting was not being reflected when changed on custom booking sites

  • Class sessions that had zero attendees were not blocking additional buffer times around that session, allowing a service to get booked beside that class in the buffer time and causing the class to no longer appear as available on the scheduler

  • Changes made to the “Text Info & Scheduler” section of the Mini Website Design were not being reflected when viewed on a mobile browser

  • Staff with a custom security role that both limited location access to “only locations selected on staff profile” and allowed access to all client profiles were able to see appointments for all locations on client profiles when no locations were assigned on the staff profile

  • The “Client Added to your Wait List” staff message template was reflecting appointment times in the client’s time zone instead of the staff’s time zone

  • Service appointments that had an end time occurring before midnight but an end time buffer that ended on directly at midnight were not blocking off availability for that staff members during that time slot