7.17.0 Release Notes

These release notes cover 7.17.0

Features & Improvements: 

  • Added an audit trail to the detail page for repeating appointment series

  • Added an option in the “Customizations” section of custom booking site profiles to hide that site from appearing in search engine results

  • Added the integrations page to parent level enterprise accounts

  • Optimized scheduler scrolling behavior for accounts with large amounts of text so that new panels load at the top of the next page

  • Various internal performance improvements

Bugs Fixed: 

  • Some accounts were seeing multiple duplicate emails being processed and sent at the same time

  • Client time zone information was being overwritten with a blank value when those client profiles were updated through the client upload feature

  • The Invoice Report was not correctly calculating the “Total” and “Due” amounts with the included tax

  • Clients of accounts that use Square as a payment processor were unable to save their payment information to their account from within their scheduler profile or when attempting to authorize their card during booking 

  • Configuring a parent account on top of an account with existing appointments required those appointments to be remapped to the new parent ID. Doing this before caused the scheduler to show open appointment times that could not then get booked.