7.39.0 Release Notes

These release notes cover 7.39.0 - released Jan 10, 2023

Features & Improvements: 

  • Class Session Detail pages now show the time zone information for that class session

  • Deleted time offs are now visible in the Appointment Lists view

  • Various internal performance improvements

Bugs Fixed: 

  • Appointment notes were not being added to appointments or populating in messaging when adding multiple class attendees at one time

  • No error message was displayed when a user attempted to reschedule an appointment with a service that was not listed on any staff profiles

  • The %STAFF_ZOOM_LINK% and %STAFF_MOBILE% tags were showing the text of the tag and not correctly populating info when included on the Final Confirmation page of the scheduler 

  • The date for manual payments recorded on invoices was not factoring in the business time zone (but going off UTC time), so payments recorded later in the day were incorrectly reflecting the next day’s date 

  • Repeating time offs were showing an error when trying to delete the entire series