7.41.0 Release Notes

These release notes cover 7.41.0 - released Feb 6, 2023

Features & Improvements: 

  • Added a checkbox in the Calendar View Defaults settings that allow users to group calendar events either by similar color or by the event title 

  • Improved pagination of messaging logs to decrease page load times

  • Various internal performance improvements

Bugs Fixed: 

  • When only the title of an external calendar event was changed on the external calendar (no date/time change), that update was not pushed to the Backoffice

  • Specific service and class assignments that had been made on client info fields were removed after reordering that field in the list of the Define Field Labels page

  • When passing an appointment note as a parameter through the scheduler URL, any spaces included in that text were not properly formatted when viewed from the Backoffice

  • When the Client Timezones setting was set to “Do not show timezones to clients" on the Time Panel Settings, the %APPT_DATE_TIME% tag was showing AM or PM twice on the final confirmation page

  • Email tags for class custom fields were remaining visible in messaging when no info was included in that field on the class session to populate in that tag

  • The Inactive Locations page search field was not reading inactive locations and only showing results for active locations