Managing Tipping in TimeTap

The ability to tip is a commonly expected feature for service based businesses. By adding tipping functionality to invoicing, tips can be more easily requested, accepted, and reconciled/accounted for while using TimeTap with the LumaPay payment processor enabled.

This Feature Says It’s Disabled For My Subscription Type

The Tipping feature is enabled for users who are utilizing our LumaPay payment processor and are subscribed at the Business or Enterprise subscription level. If you are using Square or any of our Legacy payment processors this feature is disabled. Additionally, this feature is disabled for our Professional-level users. You can read more about upgrading your Subscription to Business or Enterprise here in our documentation regarding Changing Plans. You can change your Payment Processor in Payments > Payment Settings and follow our instructions for enabling LumaPay here.

Tipping on the Payments Settings in a Service Profile

(NOTE: this feature is only enabled for LumaPay integrated accounts subscribed at the Business or Enterprise level)

You can turn on the Tipping feature for a Service in particular by:

  1. Navigating to Settings > Services & Classes

  2. Click “View” next to a Service Profile with a Price set

  3. Click the “Payments” tab from the left menu

  4. Now you can see the “Allow Tipping” option for this Service