How do I include the staff profile picture in my emails?

%STAFF_IMAGE_URL% is an Email Tag that can be used to populate the URL for the picture that has been added to a staff profile, but that tag will only result in showing the text of a URL, not the actual image.

The full profile image from the staff profile can be dynamically displayed in your messaging by pasting the %STAFF_IMAGE_URL% tag into the Source field when adding an image to the template.

While editing an email template, create a space where you’d like the picture to appear and leave your cursor in that line. Then select the Insert/edit image icon from the textbox toolbar.

Enter the %STAFF_IMAGE_URL% tag into the Source field of the Insert/edit image panel. You can also set the size of the image by adding proportions in the Dimensions boxes, which can be adjusted specifically to your preference.

Select the Ok button to save those changes. You will then need to also select the Save button on the overall template page once you’re done fully editing that message body.

Since this template only has a tag attached to that image and no specific staff info is yet being passed, the link will appear in the body of that template as a broken image.

Once this template is sent out for an appointment, then the %STAFF_IMAGE_URL% tag will populate with the respective staff’s profile URL, which will allow the picture to be included in the email.