3.13.0 Release Note

These release notes cover 3.13.0 - 3.13.1

Features & Improvements:

  • Ability added to sort appointments in ascending order when viewing monthly availability
  • Capability added to edit 'From Name' on email templates

Bugs Fixed:

  • 'Your Information' page now reflecting correct timezone 
  • Selecting at which location a service can be offered now functioning properly
  • Now able to send invitation template even if "From Name" field is changed
  • Now when selecting 'Restore to Default' the 'From Name' and 'Reply to address' fields restore as well
  • Corrected issue where locations showing on scheduler where service isn't offered
  • Location group logos now appearing on location group private urls
  • Email sent to the staff when a client has been added to the waitlist and "Notify First Available" was used now reflecting the times/date