Getting Your Online Scheduling Set Up

We know things can be a little overwhelming as you start out in this online scheduling world. To help make it all a little more manageable, we recommend you follow the getting started steps listed below:

1. Add your availability

Every person taking appointments has a slightly unique set of availability. Some people only take appointments at a location on a single day out of the month. Others take appointment on multiple days in a given date range. Still others take appointments on a regular schedule (like 8am-5pm Monday through Friday). 

Before TimeTap can let any appointments get added to your calendar, you need to tell us what your availability is like. You'll be prompted to enter in your availability as you go through to set up your account for the first time, but you can add extra availability or edit your existing availability at any time. Click on the links below to learn about all the ways you can add, edit, & manage your availability for scheduling.

2. Adding in different appointment offerings

When you set up your account, we prompt you to go ahead and enter in one type of service you offer. This is presented to the clients who are booking with you as the type of appointments they can schedule. 

You can add in as many different types of appointments as you would like. In TimeTap terminology, this is referred to as adding "Services". For instance, you can have one type of service and set the duration to last for 1 hour and a different type of service that only has a duration of 30 minutes. When clients go to book the service that has a 1 hour duration, they will see timeslots offered in 1 hour increments whereas clients who go to book the 30 minutes service will see timeslots offered in half hour increments. 

Learn more about how to add multiple appointment offerings to your scheduler.

3. Add any other staff members on your team who need scheduling

If you are trying out the TimeTap Professional version of TimeTap, you can create profiles for all of the staff that you have on your team. This will allow those staff to have appointments booked with them and allow them to login and manage the appointment bookings from their own TimeTap profile. 

During your trial of TimeTap Professional you can add as many staff as you'd like at no charge. After your trial period ends, you can update your billing information so that you can keep the multiple staff members on your accounts. Learn more about adding other staff members to your TimeTap account

4. Checking your scheduling flow

Before you notify your clients that you can take appointments online, you'll likely want to see exactly what your scheduling process looks like for them. It's a good idea to quickly go through your scheduler anytime you make changes just to make sure the changes you make are taking effect the way you want them to. 

Learn more about checking your scheduler's flow before getting your clients to book

5. Directing Clients to your Scheduler

Once you've got your availability set up, your services added, and have tested the scheduling flow, you are ready to start directing clients to your online scheduling portal. You can do this by either directing clients to the mini website that gets provisioned with your account or by taking the scheduler and embedding it on your website.

If you want to use the mini website that TimeTap provides, you can add a few customizations to it. Click on the links below to learn more about designing and navigating to your mini website:

If you want to embed your scheduler on your own website, TimeTap has the embed code prepackaged for you and ready to place in your website's html editor: 

6. Getting Support for TimeTap

Whenever you have a question on using TimeTap, our documentation database (i.e. where you're reading this text right now) is a great place to start. You can learn about how to use and navigate through our documentation site here: How to navigate our documentation

If you have a question and you can't find the answer in our documentation, feel free to reach out to us using our support ticketing system. Information on how to use our ticketing system is available here: Contacting Support

Please note that we do not normally offer phone support to our Free users.