Edited/Rescheduled Appointment Email

When either you (the staff person) or the client reschedules or makes changes to the appointment, the edited/rescheduled appointment will can be sent to the staff with the new appointment date and time. 

The client can reschedule the appointment by either accessing the link in the confirmation or reminder email or by logging into the scheduler. If the client reschedules an appointment, an email is automatically sent to the staff.

The staff can also edit or reschedule an appointment by navigating to the appointment detail page and using the respective buttons. If the staff does this, they have the option upon saving the changes to send an email to the client or to him/herself.

Please note: If you are a TimeTap Professional or TimeTap Business user, you can customize the templates that are sent out to your staff under the Settings menu. We have more information on how to customize your email templates under the settings menu of our documentation site.

Below you can read the default template that is sent to the staff when an appointment is rescheduled:



Subject: (Appointment Changed) Client Name on Appointment Date Time Staff Timezone

Email Body: Business Name

Appointment Details have changed!

Hey Staff First Name,

Your Service Name appointment with Client Name at Location Name has been rescheduled. The appointment is now set for Appointment Date Time Staff Timezone.

Appointment Change/Reschedule Note (this can be entered by the staff when making an edit or rescheduling an appointment)

You can contact the client at client email address client phone number(s)

If you need to make changes to your appointmnet, you can login to TimeTap at this link: https://backoffice.timetap.com/

Staff Signature section



A sample of this email template can be viewed in the screenshot below: