Adding Time Off in TimeTap

Adding time off to your calendar blocks your availability from being accessible to clients trying to book with you: a time off for a day or less and a time off for multiple days. Once you add the time off to your schedule, you will be able to see it in many different places within TimeTap, including the Calendar view, the List view, as well as the upcoming appointments log that displays on the right hand side as you are adding appointments through the back office. You'll also be able to Edit Time Off once it is added to your schedule to either block off more or less time than you originally had it set for.

Unlike appointments, Time Off does not have any statuses and no clients can be attached to them. Time Off is only visible to the staff and is either active (and blocking off your availability) or you have deleted it and thus it no longer displays on your schedule.

Once you add Time Off to your calendar, it immediately blocks off your availability from the client facing scheduler. While you as a staff person can overwrite your Time Off and add appointments during it, a client cannot. If you want to make sure not to schedule appointments during your time off, pay attention to the Upcoming Appointments Log as you are adding appointments.

In this documentation, we'll cover: 

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