Time Off Reasons

Time off reasons help you keep yourself and your staff organized when adding time off to your calendar. By default TimeTap has already create a time off reason called "Time Off", you can choose to add more so you can see what each time off you added is for. Time off reasons are the equivalent of personal reason in checkAppointments.

Time off reasons

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We'll being by adding time off reason, first go to Appointments click Setting:

Once in the Settings screen, scroll to the bottom of the page to the Time Off Reason sections: 

Click the + button next to Time Off:

After you click the + button a new box will appear under Time Off where you can enter a new reason, in this case I entered "Doctor's appointment", and click Save when you're done. A message will appear confirming that the time off reason was added successfully:

You can add as many time off reason as you want. To edit the time off reason simply erase the text inside the box and click Save: 

To delete a time off reason simply click the trash can button next to the reason you want to delete: 

A new window will appear letting you know that any time off you've added with this reason will be removed from your calendar and clients will be able to book appointments with you once again during the time you had this time off. Click Confirm and Delete to remove this time off reason: