Blank Template for Bulk Messaging

This email is a blank email template that you can use to enter any information you would like to distribute to your clients. This can be used to invite your clients to book appointments with you, make clients aware about promotional events, etc. This email template can be send from:

  1. the appointment lists, by selecting specific clients and clicking "Send Email"
  2. the appointment detail screen under the Appointment Emails tab
  3. the Class Session Details screen under the Attendees tab
  4. the Course Set Registration Details screen under the Attendees tab
  5. in the Open Appointments tab while in a service/class/course profile 

This template can also be left blank, and as you select to send this email the only information that will appear in this template is the client's first name, you will then have the option to modify it before sending it. 

The default criteria that TimeTap provides for this template is:


Subject Line: 

Email Body:


The tags used in this template are:

%CLIENT_EMAILADDRESS%The email address of the client that is stored in the email field on the client's profile
%CLIENT_FIRSTNAME%The first name of the client as stored in the first name field on the client's profile

To learn more about tags and how to use/create them, please visit our documentation on tags.

In editing this template, here are some general things to consider:

  • The situation: This template is generated when a staff member manually selects the option to send an email to the clients from the areas mentioned at the beginning of this page. This template can be used to send important information to your clients such as invitations to book appointments, promotional marketing materials, reminders, etc. Since this is a blank template you have the flexibility to modify it to your business' specific needs. 
  • Template elements: As with all the appointment templates sent from your account, this email will have the email header and the staff signature in the footer. We recommend putting standard contact information in the staff signature section and to customize your header under your messaging settings to be what you'd like for all of your emails (helps to keep them cohesive).