New Repeating Appointment

This email sends to a client when a repeating appointment is booked for themYour clients can also login to your scheduler, view the details about the appointment for the course they registered for. 

The default criteria that TimeTap provides for this template is:


Subject Line: [Appointment] Your appointments for %REASON%

Email Body:

Your appointments have been scheduled!


This email confirms your appointments for %REASON% with %STAFF_FULLNAME% at %LOCATION_NAME% starting on %RECURRING_APPT_STARTDATE% through %RECURRING_APPT_ENDDATE% every %FREQUENCY% on %DAYS_OF_THE_WEEK% at %APPT_START_TIME%
You will get an individual reminder email before each scheduled appointment. If you have questions before your appointment, use the contact details below to get in touch with us.
Thanks for scheduling with %BUSINESS_NAME%!

The tags used in this template are:

%CLIENT_EMAILADDRESS%The email address of the client that is stored in the email field on the client's profile
%STAFF_FULLNAME%The full name of the staff member that was assigned to the appointment
%RECURRING_APPT_STARTDATE%The start date for the repeating appointment series
%RECURRING_APPT_ENDDATE%The end date for the repeating appointment series
%FREQUENCY%How often the appointment takes place (ie every "week", "2 weeks", "3 weeks", "month")
%DAYS_OF_THE_WEEK%Which days of the week the appointment is taking place on
%APPT_START_TIME%Appointment Start Time in client's timezone
%CLIENT_FIRSTNAME%The first name of the client as stored in the first name field on the client's profile
%REASON%The name of the service/class/course that the clients appointment was cancelled for
%LOCATION_NAME%The name of the location for where the appointment is set to take place
%APPOINTMENT_NOTE%New appointment note entered when creating appointment
%BUSINESS_NAME%The name of the business as stored on your account's account settings page
%LOCATION_ADDRESS%This is the address that is stored in the location's profile under their address or description field (if the location is a virtual location)
%LOCATION_DIRECTIONS%Directions stored in the location's profile (From Settings → Locations → Location Profile)

To learn more about tags and how to use/create them, please visit our documentation on tags.

In editing this template, here are some general things to consider:

  • The situation: This template is generated when a new set of repeating appointments are booked for the client. This template does not list the appointments in the repeating appointment series, this template summaries the series by providing when the start and end date, frequency, and start time of the appointments booked. Having the %APPOINTMENT_NOTE% field in there helps in situations in which you may want to enter a note about this specific repeating appointment series. Keep in mind that for each appointment the client was booked for, they will receive an appointment reminder/text message.
  • Options for rescheduling: If you would like for your client to be able to manage their repeating appointments you can include the tag %MANAGE_APPT_URL%. This tag allows your clients to cancel or reschedule their appointments, keep in mind that they they will only be able to do so as long as the time follows with the cancellation/rescheduling parameter set in Settings > Scheduler Rules & Logic. 
  • Template elements: As with all the appointment templates sent from you account, this email will have the email header and the staff signature in the footer. We recommend putting standard contact information in the staff signature section and to customize your header under your messaging settings to be what you'd like for all of your emails (helps to keep them cohesive).