3.35.0 Release Notes

These release notes cover 3.35.0 - 3.35.1

Features & Improvements:
- Invoice report no longer shows ‘void’ line items
- Entry in text area no longer overlaps in form field if input is long
- Invoice report no longer reflecting invoices that had multiple payments made on it as separate line items, only payment mode and status of the most recent payment
- Japanese Yen added to currency options
- Resizing of mini website now responsive
- Agenda Gadget now allows users to select appointment statuses as a filter

Bugs Fixed:
- Email Templates view now refreshing adequately
- Now taken directly to profile if email needs to be updated via banner
- ‘Client since’ data now exporting properly
- Custom Booking Sites now reflecting availability accurately
- When ‘add write off’ amount sets balance to zero, invoice now adequately closing out
- Text reminders now sending out properly
- When client label is changed, fields now filling out accordingly
- Now able to re-open closed and add products to invoices properly
- Checkin screen now only showing client searched accordingly