How can I transfer account ownership to another user?

The Account Owner is the staff member or business owner who originally created the TimeTap account. There can only be one Account Owner per account. The Account Owner has access to every part of the account, including billing information and plan changes.

If you need to transfer account ownership to another user follow the steps below. Appointments or class sessions scheduled with the account owner will not be affected after the ownership is transferred. 

Transferring Account Ownership

First, ensure that you are logged in to the Backoffice under the current Account Owner’s profile. Then go to Settings → Staff:

Select View next to the staff who you want to transfer ownership to:

Once in the staff's profile, select the Make [staff’s name] the account owner link next to their assigned security role:

You will then see the following message: 

"As the current account owner, you are the only user who has permission to transfer account ownership to another staff. There can only be 1 account owner per account. An account owner has access to all features and functionality of the TimeTap account including permission to edit/update billing and cancel the account. After transferring ownership from yourself to [staff’s name], your security role will be set to that of an Administrator. Please confirm this is what you'd like to do."

If you agree to the terms, select the Confirm and Transfer Ownership button: 

After the button is selected, that staff member will be assigned the role of Account Owner and you will be moved to the role of Administrator:


How to Transfer Ownership if the Current Account Owner Is No Longer Available?

In these scenarios, our team is dedicated to facilitating a seamless transition while upholding our commitment to security. In most cases, only the individual with login access as the Account Owner can initiate the ownership transfer process, following the steps outlined in the help doc above. If possible, the previous Account Owner should be encouraged to log in and transfer ownership directly.

In situations where the original Account Owner cannot transfer ownership directly in the Backoffice, requests for account ownership transfer can be submitted to the TimeTap support team at The TimeTap support team can process changes to account ownership after receiving email confirmation directly from the previous account owner, granting permission for the transfer to proceed on their behalf.

If you are unable to obtain approval for this transfer directly from the previous Account Owner due to circumstances beyond your control, please submit a request to our team, including alternative contact information or additional documentation. This additional information will assist our team in verifying and approving your transfer request in the absence of contact with the original Account Owner.

Our team will assess each case individually, taking into account the unique circumstances and available information, to facilitate legitimate changes in account ownership while preventing unauthorized changes.