4.10.0 Release Notes

These release notes cover 4.10.0 - 4.10.1

Features & Improvements:

- Increased character limit on the client info field.

Bugs Fixed:

- Booking classes now checking for double booking faster, blocking out false messaging.
- Add appointment button from the client view now functioning properly.
- Invoice now labeling properly when appointment is made via scheduler.
- Now able to send test text messages.
- Completed forms no longer changing upon printing them.
- Forms no longer duplicating when attempting to print.
- Reports now only showing information for corresponding date range selected.
- All labels adequately showing when viewing invoices now.
- Button added to add quote from the appointment details screen.
- Automated email invitation reminders now properly translating tag values.
- Error no longer appearing when setting up Square portal.
- Time off now properly applying when booking via scheduler and selecting no preference.