2.8.0 Release Notes

2.8 in TimeTap included three releases: 2.8.0, 2.8.1, & 2.8.2

In those releases we implemented the following updates and fixes:

  • Added a tag for the charge date on an invoice: %INVOICE_CHARGE_DATE% (See here for a list of all email tags)
  • In Appointments > Calendar view, you can now show the appointment with the buffer. To turn on the show buffer option, go to Appointments > Settings and you'll see a checkbox under your calendar view defaults to "Show Buffer on Appointments" (See here for all calendar view defaults documentation)
  • Fixed issue with sorting invoices list to be able to display invoices in chronological order by their invoice date
  • Fixed issue with appointment request emails not sending out for any users that had "Appointments Require Staff Confirmation" turned on for their account (under Settings > Scheduler Rules & Logic)
  • Fixed issue with Open Appointments report (under Dashboard > Reports > Open Appointments) not populating custom field information
  • Fixed issue with editing a class-based appointment and assigning to a new class session. There was an issue previously that assigning to a new class session was updating the appointment time but not putting the client in the right class session based on the user selection.
  • Improved waitlist functionality by allowing Time Offs to be deleted and the waitlist triggers get activated. When the time off gets deleted now, TimeTap will check to see if anyone qualifies for the waitlist for that time and prompt you to send out an email to the clients.
  • Added in functionality for users to reactivate disabled email templates. This can be done under Messaging > Appointment Templates > Disabled
  • Removed requirement for "Comment" to be filled out when adding a manual payment to an invoice
  • Added in option for users on multi-staff accounts to define their own label for "No Preference". This can be done under Settings > Services & Classes > Service & Class Panel Settings if you have it set to "Show no preference"
  • Fixed issue with email templates not loading when go to send email on invoice detail screen
  • Fixed issue with not being able to mark appointments as cancelled from the class session details screen
  • Added in option to set the Calendar view under the main Appointments menu to have different intervals instead of the default 1 hour interval. This can be set under Appointments > Settings in the "Calendar View Defaults" section with the field labelled "Calendar View Interval". (See here for all calendar view defaults documentation)
  • Fixed issue with adding availability under Settings > Time > Add Staff Availability. There was an issue preventing you from adding availability if you first went through and selected "Date Range" then went back and selected "Single Day".
  • Added option to set dropdown custom field to "Select One" if you want to remove a user's previous selection
  • Added option in product profile to not calculate the stock. This is to be used if a product is more virtual or doesn't need the stock to be calculated for any reason.
  • Added option for "No Dates" in Payments > Invoices so that you can see all invoices, not just by invoice date or charge date.
  • Fixed issue preventing users from cloning forms under Settings > Forms
  • Added in icons that can be applied to show based on the appointment's status on the Appointments > Calendar view. You can configure these icons under Appointments > Settings >

    Business Level Calendar and Appointment View Defaults. Please note: not all users have security level permissions to see the Business Level Calendar and Appointment View Defaults options.

  • Fixes for mobile navigation through web browser
  • Fixed issue with adding repeating appointments and the appointment reminder settings not applying correctly