2.10.0 Release Notes

2.10 in TimeTap includes the following release versions: 2.10.0, 2.10.1, 2.10.2

Here are the updates and fixes we made in those releases:

  • Added new custom field type for hyperlinks/urls. When these fields display on the client profile, they will display as clickable links to easily direct you to the page that was pasted in there.
  • Added in Reason Group as part of the appointment detail screen so you can see when you open up an appointment which reason group was selected
    • Issues fixed in relation to this were problems adding clients to class sessions and saving appointments if no reason group was selected
  • Business & Enterprise level users can now put translations in place for Locations, Reasons, & Dates/Times on a common email template. This way if you need to show both the English and, say, French naming conventions for different aspects of the Location or Reason, you can. Full documentation on this feature is available here.
  • Added in "Jobs" and "Requisitions" features and functionality for Recruiters using TimeTap. By default, this is not turned on for any accounts. If you are interested in using the Jobs or Requisitions based features, let our support team know and we can turn it on for you. The feature essentially allows you to attach requisition numbers to clients and email them about those requisitions.
  • Added in "Attachments / File Library" for enterprise accounts under Messaging section. This will allow you to apply a folder of attachments to any outbound emails that are sent out either directly to the client or to the client via an appointment update.
  • Added Location dropdown to send client email flow so that you can merge location data to the marketing templates
  • Added option to assign screening questions to reason groups
  • Added option to hide "Send email" and "Reminder" options on save appointment window. This is shown by default. If you'd like to hide it on your account, please contact our support team.
  • Changed formatted display for check in time on appointment details screen to be in meridian format instead of military
  • Added option to change username from staff member's profile view
  • Added in a way to group products by supplier line and to group supplier lines by supplier
  • Fixed issue with product movement/inventory change table displaying change rates in reverse (positives as negatives, negatives as positives)
  • Fixed issues with invoice emails not sending out due to reply to email address formats