How can I tell whether I am able to accept appointments?

Whether you can accept appointments is indicated in a staff person's staff profile. To see if you can accept appointments, click on your name dropdown in the top right and select the "My Profile" link:


On your staff profile screen, you will see the Accept Appointments field within the Overview section. If it's selected, then the staff person does accept appointments. If it's unchecked, then the staff person does not accept appointments:
There are a few other ways that you'll be able to tell that a staff cannot accept appointments:
  1. They will not show up in the staff list when you are booking appointments
  2. You will not be able to select their name from the staff list when adding or edit a service (since they can't accept appointments they can't render services)
  3. You will not be able to add availability for the staff
  4. You will not see the option to sync an external calendar (like Google Calendar) with their staff profile
  5. You will also not be able to apply a staff bio or signature to their profile (again, this is because they do not accept appointments and these two description fields are related specifically to the appointment booking process)