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"Service" is the generic term we give to the reason a client is meeting with you.

For example:

  • If you're a massage therapist, your services may include 1 hour deep tissue massage, 1 hour hot stone massage, 1.5 hour relaxation massage, etc. 
  • If you're a personal trainer, you may have a different service for each duration of a physical training session: 30 minute training session, 45 minute training session, and hour training session...each of these different session lengths would be different services inside TimeTap.
  • If you're a professor who books office hours, you may have different lengths for the meetings students can book to come see you. Some students may select the service for a "15 minute meeting" whereas some students may need a "45 minute meeting."

The examples are nearly endless, but the important thing to understand is that services are what's communicated to clients as the reason they are scheduling the appointment. Below you'll see details about how to add different services.

titleLearn more about Services

You can learn more about the different uses of services in other areas of TimeTap by reading the documentation linked here:

Adding a service to your account

After adding your availability in the setup wizard when signing up for TimeTap, you are prompted to enter in your first "Service", but this may not be the only service you offer. If you offer more than 1 type of service, you can quickly add those extra services by going to Settings → Services → Add New Service from within the Back Office of TimeTap:

Once you are in the add new service screen, you will enter a service name, duration, and an optional description and price. To see these steps in detail, click through the image gallery below:

Galleryincludephoto21.png, photo22.png, photo23.pngsortnametitleDetailed steps for adding a service


  • Service Name
  • Internal Service Name
  • Service Description
  • Staff who will offer this service
  • Screening Question
  • Allow Waitlist
  • Private Service
  • Appointment Duration
  • Multiple Durations
  • Buffer Before
  • Buffer After
  • Service Price
  • Deposit

Finding the services you have on your account:

After add a new service, you will see it display in your Active services list. You can see a whole list of the services you offer by going to Settings → Services and looking at your Active Services List:

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From this list view you can: