One Time Appointments

Once you've navigated to the Add New Appointment screen through either the Add New Appointment button or by double clicking on the Calendar for the date and time you'd like to have the appointment, you are ready to actually set up the appointment itself.

In this documentation, we will cover how to set up a One Time Appointment as a staff person. You're also able to add appointments that happen on a repeating or recurring basis, but we are only covering adding one time appointments on this page. Clients are also able to add one time appointments for themselves using the scheduler that's on your mini website or that you embed on your own website

In this page we'll cover:

Setting up a One Time Appointment

In setting up a One Time Appointment, you'll first want to fill in all the required fields. If you only have 1 staff and 1 location, the staff and location fields will be pre-populated for you, but you can edit and change all the other fields. If you are on the TimeTap Professional or TimeTap Business versions of TimeTap, you will also have to select which Staff the appointment is getting assigned to. Then, select the "Reason" (aka service or class) that you are going to be making the appointment for. I recommend selecting the Reason right after selecting the staff so that all the recommended dates and time slots (that are based on the availability you have added) show up with the proper start and end times:

Now that you have the reason, you need to enter in which client this appointment is going to be with. If the client alright exists in your account then you can type in the first three letters of his/her first or last name and find them on the client search:

If it is a new client, you can press the "Add New Client" link beneath the client search field to quickly add in the client:

Once you press Add New Client, you'll be prompted to enter in whatever Client Information fields you have set up in your Settings > Client Information screen and set the client's time zone and Locale (if applicable). Once you've entered in these details, press the "Add Client" button and the client will be added both to your account as well as to the appointment record:

If you are adding an appointment for a class session, you will see a field called, Total Seat. This field is design to indicate whether the client coming to the appointment will bring an additional person to the class session, if the person is bring another person type the number 2, if not you can leave at 1. Additional seat will automatically be deducted from the class capacity:

Once you've selected the Reason and the client, you can now look at the calendar drop down to see what dates you have available on your calendar for the selected service/class based on the selected staff person's availability:

Once you've selected a date from the calendar, you'll see the "Open Upcoming Appointments" panel on the right hand side update with any other appointments you have scheduled for that day. If you are setting up an appointment for a Service reason type, then the suggested dates and times will be based on what the staff you've selected has setup in his/her Service Availability.  You can then either choose a time for the appointment based on the list of available times or you can press "Override Times" to enter in a custom time:

If you are setting up an appointment for a Class reason type, then the suggested dates and times will be based on when you have scheduled your class sessions for. Since your class session times are already set, you will not have the ability to "Override Times" when setting up an appointment for a class. In order to do that, you would need to edit the details for the scheduled class session and set the session to a different time:

Now that you've got the client attached to the appointment in the Add New Appointment screen, you are ready to save the One Time Appointment. Click the Save Appointment button to save the appointment:

After you click the Save Appointment button a new window will appear, in this window you can

  1. Choose to send an email to the client
  2. Choose to sent an email to the staff who will be assisting the client for this appointment
  3. Add a note to the email that will be sent to the client
  4. Apply a package (if applicable)
  5. Select the number of hours before the appointment you'd like to send the reminder out to the staff and client
  6. Fill out any custom appointment fields that you may have added (like comments or anything else you've configured under Settings → Client Information → Define Field Labels)

After customizing those last few things, go ahead and press "Save Appointment":

In the Save Appointment screen that appears after you click the Save Appointment button, you'll be asked whether you want to send an email to the client and/or to your staff about the new appointment. If you’re new to TimeTap, then the email checkboxes will be unselected; however, if you have made selections before, then TimeTap remembers those selections and will pre-select the previously checked boxes. You'll also have room to enter in a new appointment note/message, which will be plugged into the email that goes out to your client. If you've elected to send an email out to your client, you'll also see you have the option to edit the email before sending; this checkbox will also be pre-selected if you have checked it before, as TimeTap remembers your last selected email options:

Please note: the Edit email before sending option is only available to TimeTap Professional and Business users.

After pressing Save Appointment from that window, you'll then be presented with the window for editing the email that goes out to the client about the appointment. Once you are finished editing, press the "Send Email" button at the bottom of the window to send out the appointment confirmation email:

After sending the email, the screen will update and show that your appointment is now listed as being in Open status:

You can navigate away from your appointment at this time as it is successfully saved and added to your schedule. You can navigate to it again at any time by either using your calendar or your appointment lists.

Setting up a One Time Appointment with multiple staff

If you have a Team Professional or Business plan then you can add one than staff member to an appointment. 

Begin by selecting a location, service, client, date & time of the appointment, and click the Save Appointment button: 

After the button is clicked a new window will appear, locate the Additional Staff section, and click on the "Add one now" link:

A new dropdown will appear where you'll select an additional staff member. The list of staff will be composed of all staff who are allowed to accept appointments, regardless of whether they have service availability at the location where the appointment is scheduled to take place:

Click the + sign to the right of the additional staff to add another staff member to the appointment, and click the - icon to remove the additional staff. After all the staff are selected, click the Save Appointment button: 

You'll be redirected to the Appointment Detail page where the additional staff will be in the Additional Staff section: 

By default the email confirmation and reminder email to staff will only be sent to the staff member selected in the Add New Appointment screen and not the additional staff. If you'd like to send appointment confirmation and reminder emails to all the staff including he additional, I recommend replacing the tag %PROFESSIONAL_EMAIL% with %ALL_STAFF_EMAILS% in your New Appointment and Reminder email templates

After the appointment is scheduled, it will be added to the calendar view. When the additional staff logs in to his/her account, they'll see the appointment in their calendar view if they're selected in the filter, but the appointment block will be color coded based on the staff that was selected in the Add New Appointment screen: 

Below you'll find a few helpful email tags if you want to use this feature: 

%ALL_STAFF_EMAILS%: Populates all the email for all the staff in an appointment, including additional staff
%OTHER_STAFF_EMAILS%: Populates the email of only the additional staff
%OTHER_STAFF_FULLNAME%: Populates the names of the additional staff