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Having your availability setup is crucial to being able to take appointments with TimeTap. Without having availability setup, TimeTap won't know what timeslots to display to the clients who are trying to book with you. 

Your availability can be thought of like the "Open Hours" that hang on the doors to shops and restaurants across the country.

So, if your availability is set to be at 8am-5pm, then TimeTap will look to fit any appointment that a client's trying to schedule with you into that timeframe. This means that if your appointment is set to last 1 hour then the last possible appointment time would be 4pm because TimeTap thinks you want to be closed and heading home by 5pm.

Make sense? Good.

Now that we're familiar with what "Availability" is, let's take a look at how to get your availability set up for the first time. When you login to your account for the first time, you'll be prompted to go through the Setup Wizard. 

Learn more about Availability

You can learn more about adding, editing, and customizing your availability from the documentation pages linked below:


First you'll select which type of schedule you're adding. The Three options are: Availability for a single day, Availability for a date range, and Regularly available schedule.

With Option 1, you'll be setting up just one day that you're available to take appointments between whatever time frames you've set aside to allow clients to schedule with you. For example, maybe you are just able to take appointments on October 17th but you don't have a regularly available schedule to take appointments.

With Option 2, you'll be setting up availability between a start and end date. So, maybe you are able to accept appointments between September 24th - October 31st of 2014. You don't want your availability to extend on indefinitely so clients will not be able to make appointments past your end date. You'll select your date range and then the days of the week during that date range that you're able to accept appointments.

With Option 3, you'll add in your availability for appointments that exists on a regular basis (like Monday - Friday between 9am - 6pm). This is for the folks who have business hours that occur on a regular, predictable pattern without an end date. 

You can see the screen flow of each option below.

Adding availability with Option 1:

Click through the image gallery below to see the steps laid out for adding availability for a single day

Adding availability with Option 2: Availability for a date range

Click through the image gallery below to see the steps laid out for adding availability for a date range

Adding availability with Option 3: Regularly available schedule

Click through the image gallery below to see the steps laid out for adding availability for appointments on a regular basis

Once you have finished going through the setup wizard and adding your availability, you'll be ready to accept appointments on your mini website or on the scheduler you embed on your website.

Please note: if you need to add or edit availability for scheduling with you, you can do this in multiple ways in your account. The methods described above are just used when you set up your account for the first time.

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