New Group Meeting

This documentation is going to walk you through how you'll create your different types of group meetings. 

In TimeTap users can set up one on one Meetings and Group based meetings. One-on-one appointments require meeting availability to be set up from the team member's profile in order for the system to scan for availability for bookings. For group based meetings, the sessions are pre assigned to a staff. 

Step One: Add the New Group Meeting

To add a group meeting, navigate to your Services screen by going to Settings → Services and Classes and click the button to "Add New Class":

This will take you into the Add New Class screen, this screen is divided has different fields:

  • Group Meeting Name: This class name is what your clients will see as what they are booking
  • Group Meeting Internal Name: The class internal name is what your staff will see when logged into the backoffice
  • Group Meeting Description: This appears under your class's name in the scheduling flow and can be used to provide more details around what clients are booking
  • Screening Question BUSINESS PLAN FEATUREScreening questions allow you to make sure that clients meet certain criteria before they are allowed to see the times the class sessions are scheduled. Only one screening question can be applied per class.
  • Allow Waitlist BUSINESS PLAN FEATURE: Checkin this box will make it so that if a client is trying to book this class on a date where you are all booked up, it will prompt them to join a waitlist in case any times become available
  • Private Group Meeting: Check this box if you would like to show this class only at the service's private URL and in the back office when staff are setting up appointments for clients.
  • Session Duration: Once you save your class you'll be able to schedule sessions for when the class is being held. This will the default length of each scheduled session as you are adding them. You can override this on a per session basis if need be. 

In the example below a new class and name it "Are you ready to retire", I set the default duration to 1 hour. 

After reviewing the information entered, scroll down to the bottom of the page and click "Save Group Meeting" to be directed into the Group Meeting profile.We have full documentation written on how to manage and edit your group meeting profile available here on our documentation site

Step Two: Add the Sessions for the Meetings: Your colleague, Sarah Lewis is hosting an "Are you Ready to retire?" session. 

Go to the Group Meeting profile. You will be able to view the details around the class as a whole as well as adding individual or recurring session dates that the class will meet on. For now, we'll set up a group meeting schedule for Sarah to host.