How can I change my booking site URL but still direct users that visit my old URL to my new site?

In order to follow this guide, you will need to have a Business level subscription or higher. This process requires the ability to create and customize new booking sites, which is not available on Professional accounts.

There may be a time when you need to change the default booking site URL that you have been using. Whenever a booking site URL is changed, that URL will be freed up again for any other TimeTap account to potentially use. This may be an issue if you were using a common URL and another TimeTap begins using that again in the future. In the case that you want to save that old URL you have previously been using and direct any users to your new site, you can follow the process outlined below.


1. Update your current default booking site URL

Go to Settings > Custom Booking Sites > View (beside your current Default Booking Link). Once in that Default Booking Link profile, edit this page and update this default site with the new URL. This will free up this old URL for us to assign to a new booking site. 


2. Create a New Unpublished Booking Site

Once that URL has been updated and the old one freed up, then go back to Settings > Custom Booking Sites and click Add New Booking Site. 

On this next “Add New Booking Site” page, you will enter that old URL that you just freed up and then also uncheck the box beside "Publish Booking Site". You don’t need to worry about specifying and Locations or Staff to show here since this booking site will be unpublished anyways.


3. Update the Unpublished Booking Site Message 

Once you have created this new booking site profile with the old URL, you will see a place on that new booking site profile where you can update the message that displays to users when they visit that old URL. Here is a test account with an example of how you could update that message to direct users to your new URL. 

This is how that message will display to any users that visit that unpublished booking link with the old URL. 

With this setup, any users that visit your previously used URL will know exactly where to go to schedule appointments with you now!