The term "Clients" in TimeTap refers to the people who have either scheduled an appointment with you or who you have created an appointment for. In your business, they may actually be called students, patients, mentees, customers, members, etc. However you refer to the people who are booking with you, just know that in TimeTap we call them "Clients". 

There are a ton of things you're going to be able to do with clients, and this section of our documentation does its best to touch on them all including:

Before we go into the overview of the Clients Menu, however, there are a few important things to know about clients: 

  • If you have Client Login turned on (under Settings → Scheduler Rules & Logic →Configuration section), then clients can login to your scheduler to look at their appointment history and book new appointments without having to re-enter their info
  • Clients that do login have to have a password. They can either register and set the password themselves, they can request a password reset email, or you (the staff) can reset it for them
  • Finally, if you delete a client from your account, it does not automatically delete their appointment history. You have to delete both separately.

If you have any questions about clients after reading through this documentation, please write to us here at TimeTap support and we'd be happy to help!

Client List

Clicking on "Clients" In your top menu bar will take you to a table view of all of your clients:

You can search for your clients by name or email, quickly add new clients, delete clients in bulk, or reset client passwords in bulk. If you're a TimeTap Professional or Business user, you can also export your Client List with any of your custom client fields. Your client list is also where you can navigate through to existing client's profiles.

To read more about how to use the Client List, read our documentation on Client List.

Client Profiles

Every client that you add to your TimeTap account has a Client Profile. The details that are included on your Client Profiles are based on how you have you Client Information Fields configured under Settings → Client Information → Define Field Labels. You can navigate to a Clients Profile from the Full Client List. The Client Profile consists of the clients contact details, any internal notes, and the client's appointments:

You will also see a client ID on your client's profile. This is a number assigned by TimeTap and can be used in communicating with our support team if you would prefer to tell us the client's id number instead of his/her name.

Once you navigate to a client's profile you can:

To learn more about Client Profiles, read our documentation found here

Adding Clients

Clients can be added to your TimeTap account in three different ways. If you click the "Add New Client" button from the Clients menu, you will get a quick pop up window with all the fields you've configured for your clients' profiles displaying:

There are, however, some more efficient ways to add clients to your TimeTap account including:

To learn more on all the ways to add clients to your account, read our documentation on adding clients.