Customizing Email Templates

If in creating a new account you cloned from an existing account, the new account that was created will have the same email customizations already configured for it including the body of the email templates.

In this section of the documentation, we will go through each of the email templates that need to get customized. I'll provide you with the default text that is on the parent account and include customizations that you can make depending on the template.

The templates are broken down into two types:

  1. Invitation Templates: These templates are typically used to send out to candidates to prompt them to book. These are sent to the candidates by going to the candidates list and selecting the candidates that you want to attach them to.
  2. Appointment Templates: These are templates that are sent to the candidate after they book an appointment. There are pre-built templates in this section that will tell the candidate that their appointment is confirmed, remind them of their appointment coming up, update them of any changes, alert them if there is a cancellation, etc.

In this section of the documentation we'll also cover how to add attachments to outgoing emails. This will make it easier to have documents send out to candidates with the outbound emails they're receiving.

Please click on the links above to go to the sub navigation for those two types of templates