Contacting Support

If you are a user of our TimeTap Business version (or one of our legacy TimeTap Plus users), you can also give us a call at 202-753-7351

When you are browsing TimeTap's back office application, you will notice that there is a little box in the bottom right with a "?" icon on it on all the pages of the app:

If you click on that box, you will see all the past messages that you have exchanged with our support team. Click on the option to "Send a New Message" to type out a question for us or send us feedback:

Once you click on New Message, you'll see a chat box like messaging panel appear. Type your message into the box where it says "Start a conversation". Once you start typing, you'll see the Send button become active. Once you've finished typing your question, hit the send button and our support team will be notified of your request:

You can also attach documents or screenshots if you need to using the attachment icon:

Once you send your message, you can keep track of past messages sent and received between you and our support team by hitting the three bars at the top right:

This will take you back to the main view and you can click into any conversation from there or start a new message about a different support request:

When we respond to your support ticket, you will receive an email with our response. You can also review the response from within the chat pane on TimeTap's back office: