Emails to Clients

Emails are sent to your clients throughout the appointment process to let them know of status changes that have been made to their appointment or to reminder them of their upcoming appointment. As you categorize appointments or save changes to appointments, you will be prompted with whether or not you want to email clients about this change. 

In this section of our documentation, we will go through the 6 different types of emails that can be sent to clients, when they are sent, the type of notes that can be added to each, and what the default templates say. Please be aware that all of the emails sent to your clients will have the staff signature in the footer section.

Use the links below to read more about each specific email template that is sent out to clients about their appointments:

If your clients ask, all emails come from If they do hit reply on the email, however, it is directed to the staff's email address who was assigned to the appointment.