Appointment Emails

One of the biggest benefits of using an appointment management system is that the notifications and updates about your appointments are handled automatically. You don't have to make a mental note each time you talk to a client to send them a follow up email. Instead, as appointments are added to your calendar, appointment emails are automatically queued to be sent out at important times during the appointment lifecycle.
Different emails go to your clients than go to you or your staff. In the documentation pages in this section, we go through both the emails sent to clients as well as staff and look at the default template as well as when they are sent and what kind of notes might be added to them. Those emails include:

On this documentation page specifically, we're going to talk about:



Viewing Appointment Emails

All of the emails that are sent out about appointments on your account can be viewed on the appointment detail page for that appointment. You'll notice at the bottom of the appointment detail page for any appointment on your account a tab labeled "Appointment Emails":


Underneath that tab, you can confirm that the emails went out about the appointment, see when they went out, as well as view them to see what message the client received. To do this, simply click the "View" button to the right of the email that's listed under that tab:


This will bring up a small window where you can read the text that was sent to either your staff or your client: 


In the case that your client or staff did not receive the appointment confirmation email at the time the appointment was created, you can click the Resend button: 


This will bring up a small window where you see the email  that was sent to either your staff or your client, to resend this email again simple click Send Email: 


After the email is sent to your client or staff a new record will be created under Appointment Emails tab letting you know that this was sent: 



Staff Signature

The staff signature section shows up in the footer of all of the email templates sent out in your account. You can customize it to have whatever format you want when editing your staff profile. You can use this to share contact information with clients bearing in mind that it will be standard across all email templates. 

By default it will read:

You can contact us at:
Staff Name
Business Name
Staff Phone
Staff Email

As you'll see from all the sample email screenshots in the following documentation, this signature shows after the body of the email, as pointed out below:


Again, to edit or customize this signature, go to Settings → Staff and edit the Staff Details. This is described in full on our staff profile documentation page.