Appointment Edited/Rescheduled Email

Whenever you or a client reschedules an appointment or whenever you (the staff person) edit an appointment from its appointment detail page, you have the option to send out the appointment edited/rescheduled email. You can read the default text on the email below. Please note where the Change/Rescheduling note gets inserted into the body of the email (this is where you have the opportunity to enter in text as a staff upon saving changes to an appointment).



Subject: (Appointment Changed) Staff Name on Appointment Date Time Client Timezone

Email Body: Business Name

Your appointment details have changed.

Hey Client First Name,

The details for your Service Name appointment with Staff Name at Location Name have changed. The appointment is now set for Appointment Date Time Client Timezone.

Staff Entered Change Note (inserted when staff has edited or rescheduled appointment)

To cancel or reschedule your appointment before the scheduled time, please click: Manage Appointment URL

Thanks for scheduling with Business Name!

Location Name Address:
Address Line 1, Address Line 2
Location City, Location State, Location Zip
Location Directions

Staff Signature Section



Here is a sample of what the appointment edited/rescheduled email template will look like when it is sent to your clients: